Michael Palm Interview (englisch)

„There’s no going back after using Solibri Model Checker."

“There’s no going back after using Solibri for 30 minutes.” states HKP’s BIM expert, architect Michael Palm. We spend time talking with Michael to better understand how him, HKP and Solibri are helping shape some of the largest construction projects in the Helsinki area.

HKP Architects have been responsible for some of the largest public construction projects in Finland. Their latest project is the construction of the Matinkylä Metro Centre. Michael joined HKP in 2012, “I was hired for BIM but it’s a big cake and you can spend a lot of time managing the BIM model quality. You first start by being a creative. As the project progresses, your role transforms more and more into a project manager. I do feel that’s best as the creator shouldn’t lose the link between those first design ideas and final creative delivery”.

Michael explains how they use Solibri in every part of the planning for Metro Keskus. He tried alternative software but the level of checking was better with Solibri. “Everyone has Solibri running on their desktops. If it’s a ‘Solibri day’, I focus first on clash detection. When we have a ‘BIM week’, we have to make reports and what’s the status of our IFC. I do clash detection every day. The rest of the team is cross checking the model. I make a lot of communication reports and share if I see problems arising”.