Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium Spartanburg, South Carolina

SDS/2 Customer: Virtual Steel Technologies, Inc.

Contact: Jim Stever, (757) 495-8827,

Nemetschek brand involved: SDS/2

The 123,000-square-foot, multi-functional Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium on the Wofford College campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina, serves as the home for the college’s basketball and volleyball teams.

The design-build project to build the stadium incorporated state-of-the-art processes to streamline design and construction. Unlike traditional building projects that rely on paper-based documents, this project was governed by the architectural, engineering, precast and joist models.

Working from the engineering model, Virtual Steel Technologies, Inc. constructed the model in SDS/2 Detailing. All subsequent information — such as elevations, slab edge, stair and mechanical openings, and joist and deck coordination — were derived and coordinated from the governing models.

The project partners also relied on a full virtual approval process. Using SDS/2 Approval, the various approving authorities were able to approve the model in real time. Each design team member logged on to a real-time, cloud-based SDS/2 model for instantaneous communication and approval through the model, fast tracking an approval process that took days, rather than weeks. This allowed fabrication and erection to take place almost simultaneously.

The stadium opened in the fall of 2017.