Mobile Solutions – Solutions on Site and on the Road

With stationary PCs the amount of digital work is limited to the desk. Mobile solutions bring the internet and internet-based applications to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The rigid association of IT and working at a desk is now a thing of the past.

How is the trend changing the industry?

Mobile solutions make it possible to be online and connected – in the office, at home, on the road or on site – i.e. also at the construction site or real estate object. On the one hand, architects, engineers, those involved in construction, facility managers, etc. have immediate access to the latest data and information no matter where they are: From project reports and quotation evaluations all the way to animated 3D models, cost calculation and scheduling. On the other hand, fast and target-oriented communication and collaboration of all those involved in the project is facilitated. Moreover, mobile solutions support entirely new applications. For example, the visualization of technical building equipment or interiors as well as the digital capture of defects in the building.

What is Nemetschek contributing?

Nemetschek integrated the concept of mobility into its service portfolio at an early stage. Our brands offer future-oriented solutions – from apps all the way to cloud infrastructure. This makes it possible for customers of our CAD provider Vectorworks, for example, to use cloud services and the Nomad app to view plans and layout levels, add comments, measure distances and automatically apply changes to further equipment. The prize-winning BIMx app from Graphisoft and the mobile PDF workflow solutions from Bluebeam have made waves in industry circles. Nemetschek will continue to extend the range of mobile solutions and provide the AEC sector with innovations for mobile applications.