Collaboration – Digital Dialog

It frequently happens in projects that numerous people work from different locations. Especially in the case of the planning, implementation and operation of buildings, many different parties come together: From building owners and architects to specialist engineers, project controllers and service providers, to name only a few. Their collaboration has traditionally involved a great number of individual communication relationships and is correspondingly complex, labor-intensive and prone to error – as a result of varying levels of information, local data storage and interface losses. Coexistence as opposed to cooperation. This is where collaboration comes into play: In the software world, collaboration equals decentralized, computer-based cooperation between people, teams and companies based in different locations. Web-based collaboration solutions bring those involved in a project together as if they were sitting at the same table and working on the same plan. This not only allows for a seamless flow of information, but also enables collaborative work in real time. Cooperation is more efficient, better, easier and also more secure. Thanks to open solutions, project partners and required experts can be brought on board quickly, no matter where they are. Physical distance is no longer a hindrance – and this is an invaluable advantage in international projects.

How is the trend changing the industry?

IT-based, cross-company and cross-site cooperation paves the way for whole new opportunities and improved project results – regarding costs, time and quality – for the AEC industry, which has been traditionally fragmented and marked by interrupted information and process flows. One cause of cost overruns and delays is an information flow which is incorrect or nonexistent. Modern collaboration technologies remediate this dilemma, which has been inherent in systems to date. Effective workflow saves time and reduces costs.

What is Nemetschek contributing?

“Collaboration is our business” has always been a guiding principle at Nemetschek. Accordingly, the issue is a high priority in the Nemetschek Group. We are committed to improving cooperation between all those involved in the process – interdisciplinarily, across all stages and throughout the building’s life cycle. Collaboration is mirrored accordingly in our cross-company strategy Open BIM. We also offer an extensive range of solid collaboration solutions: From PDF-based workflow solutions for digital work processes and collaboration all the way to document management via IFC servers. With Bluebeam Revu, for example, it is possible to do much more than simply create and send PDFs. Rather, direct collaboration in real time is enabled. As a result, planning partners and building clients can meet online in the digital 3D model, navigate their way together through the building, discuss possible planning conflicts and record agreements.

With powerful information technology, we help make the holistic design, accompaniment and control of information processes and documentation processes possible and collaboration between all those involved in the project easier and, in particular, more efficient.