Cloud - Distributing the Computation of Buildings

Information technology is about to experience a paradigm shift across all industries: With current business and technology models to date, users purchase software applications and keep them along with all the data on their own computers. This model is increasingly being replaced by cloud computing. The providers of cloud solutions provide IT resources – processing power, software, storage capacity – on a rental basis via the internet or intranet (the cloud); and customers pay based on what they use. There are many advantages: Greater flexibility, higher scalability and the latest software version at all times.

How is the trend changing the industry?

Outsourcing computer infrastructure and business applications reduces the outlay for IT administration, which is a benefit especially for many smaller and mid-sized companies in the AEC industry. In addition, cloud computing is ideal for typical project business: Software is rented for the duration of a project and costs are assigned accordingly. Also, cloud computing separates high compute model authoring from model viewing. Certain modeling and computational functions can be executed more efficiently using cloud computing technology. For example, calculations needed to generate sections, elevations, and renderings can now be done in the cloud, freeing up desktop computing power. And, not least important, cloud computing, collaboration and mobile solutions are closely interwoven.

What is Nemetschek contibuting?

Nemetschek is accompanying customers step by step through the IT transformation with customized solutions. Our philosophy is not “one size fits all.” Instead, we provide every individual customer with a solution that is appropriate for that customer. Our job is to meet our customers wherever they are in terms of needs and options – this ensures that no existing customers are lost, strengthens the acquisition of new customer segments and ultimately generates more business and added value for customers. Our cloud solution providers include Graphisoft, who offer ArchiCAD, a software with a connection to a cloud-based web portal. Vectorworks, Bluebeam and Allplan are other Nemetschek brands that provide comprehensive cloud services. Nemetschek is at work on further cloud solutions. Our vision is to provide all those involved in the AEC process with all the tools they need when they need them, where they need them and in the required manner and form. Simply. Without any loss. Consistently.