BIM – Intelligent Model and Consistent Processes

BIM (building information modeling) is defined as the integrated process of designing, building and managing buildings – on the basis of a consistent and digital building model that is available to all. This model, designed with 3D CAD software, integrates all geometric and descriptive information and is enriched with information on a step-by-step basis over the course of the design process by all those involved; changes are automatically incorporated. All relevant building data is digitally captured, combined and networked in this intelligent model: Architecture, structure, technical building equipment, physical, functional design properties, etc. The model supports planners, engineers, contractors and facility managers with visualizations, plan derivations, quantity specifications, interference checks und simulations of building behavior, e.g. in terms of energy use, before the building is even implemented.

How is the trend changing the industry?

BIM simplifies all complex aspects of the planning, construction and operation, accelerates processes, reinforces collaboration, reduces error proneness and costs and thus improves efficiency. Building information modeling (BIM) has already gained momentum in many countries. BIM is reinforced by regulatory and legislative developments: More and more countries are making BIM a binding prerequisite for the granting of government contracts. One example: The European Parliament recently recommended that the use of BIM be included in the Public Procurement Law of the European Union.

What is Nemetschek contributing?

Nemetschek is the pioneer for BIM: Back in the 1980s, Nemetschek developed the concept of a database-driven platform for all those involved in the construction process in order to optimize this process holistically. Nemetschek is now the leading provider of BIM solutions, e.g. Allplan, ArchiCAD, Solibri and Vectorworks. The company stands for Open BIM, an open approach. Open BIM is the future of building and part of a cross-market corporate strategy at Nemetschek. Open BIM ensures that different software solutions are able to communicate with one another. This results in seamless collaboration between all those involved in construction projects and enables end-to-end processes. Together with partners and also within the scope of the global BuildingSMART Initiative, Nemetschek is intensively engaged in the further development and implementation of appropriate standards, in particular Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs). A non-proprietary and universally available data exchange format, whose particularly high performance in terms of the exchange of 3D building component-oriented design data has been proven in the construction industry –regardless of the software used by the other project partners.

The brands work continuously on improving, testing and certifying their interfaces for the seamless exchange with other Open BIM solutions. Furthermore, the brands develop collaborative additional functions – for example in order to follow which project participant received, read and potentially changed or approved which detailed information and when.

The Nemetschek Group is member of the Strategic Advisory Council of the buildingSMART network: