5D – Five-Dimensional Building is the Future

For all intents and purposes, 3D models have established themselves as the design basis for successful designing. However, they only constitute one aspect of the overall project – the appearance and the form, structure and material. Nevertheless, it is just as important to completely integrate the aspects of time and/or scheduling as a fourth dimension and cost planning as a fifth dimension in the upcoming building process at an early stage. In this way, interdependencies become apparent, increases in efficiency are possible and risks are detected before they can escalate into problems: How can savings be achieved by changing a material, what would be the effect of a wage increase, how will deadlines change when milestones are passed? What if? Five-dimensional building provides the answers.

How is the trend changing the industry?

In the middle of 2014, the reform commission for large-scale building projects, set up under the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Germany in 2013, proposed more extensive digitalization of the AEC industry as a compulsory future prerequisite for large-scale government projects. Buildings are to be completely planned in detail before the first diggers roll in. This enables more precise determination of schedules, costs and risks at an earlier stage. State-of-the-art building means: First virtually, then in reality. This is exactly where five-dimensional building comes into play. It will successively take the industry by storm.

What is Nemetschek contributing?

The Nemetschek Group is one of the first provider to address all 5 dimensions in the building process under one roof. In doing so, as a BIM 5D provider, we offer an innovative and comprehensive solution portfolio for the planning of 3D models, time and costs which is unique in the AEC market, and we enter a new age in the construction sector.

With this we place five-dimensional building within reach. In particular, however, Nemetschek is also an important trendsetter and opinion leader which, with the help of its solutions, contributes to changing the way the industry works.