Fun learning behind colorful exteriors

Project: Protestant Primary School, Karlsruhe
Building client: Schulstiftung der Evangelischen Landeskirche Baden
Architect: Wulf Architekten, Stuttgart
Photographs: Brigida Gonzáles, Stuttgart
Nemetschek brands involved: Allplan

Staccato of a “learning building”

The Protestant Primary School, Karlsruhe, is to make an impression that is friendly and inviting, yet not childish. Pupils are to feel that they are taken seriously. In keeping with the Montessori concept, the four classrooms, each measuring 80 square meters, connect directly to the so-called special education rooms where children can learn as required. The generously proportioned open-area corridor of the school building is turned into a so-called “learning building” corresponding to Montessori education.

For the exterior facades, the colors red and green and the facade grid play a dominant role. The “staccato” of facades was implemented to ensure pupils’ privacy. It varies in density to suit the purpose of the space on the other side of the facades and thus serves as a kind of curtain around the entire building.

As a result of the green and red tones, the color of the buildings changes with the viewing angle. In addition, the silver fins in between continuously reflect a little of the color of the facade opposite and therefore reinforce the constantly changing exterior of the building. In the interior as well, the skylights were designed in such a way that enables the building to make a completely different impression depending on the time of day.