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Ruin under glass shade

Hunting lodge awakens from a deep sleep.



Wiesbaden, Germany

Nemetschek Group Brands



H. P. Gresser, Wiesbaden, Deutschland; E. Ahrens, Ahrens Ingenieure, Wiesbaden, Deutschland


Stiftung Jagdschloss Platte e. V., Wiesbaden, Deutschland

Ruin under glass shade

The hunting lodge Platte is situated above the Taunus Mountains with a unique view. After destruction in the 2nd World War, the ruins were given an imposing glass roof to protect them from the weather. Four upturned pyramids, projecting over the ruins, "shield" the remaining historical building fabric. The architecture of the castle is characterised by its clear cubic form with a restrained façade design. The square geometry of the cups picks up on this simple architectural language. The construction of the roof placed high demands on the engineering, as the geographically exposed location means that considerable loads from snow and wind have to be carried.