Waste Water Treatment in the Czech Republic

Project: Waste water treatment plant Clara

Engineering Office: ACO Industries k.s., Pribyslav, Czech Republic

Nemetschek brand involved: SCIA

Environmentally Friendly Waste Water Treatment. Detailed upfront analyses ensure a sure design and the economical use of materials.

ACO Clara sewage treatment plant is designed for the complete biological purification of domestic waste water. The mechanical pre-treatment part is formed of a sedimentation tank with a high buffer area volume. The biological part of the ACO Clara consists of an activation tank and a built-in final sedimentation tank. The activation tank is aerated by micro-bubble aeration. The analysis part of the project, carried out with Nemetschek Scia, consisted of the stress check and stability analysis of the polypropylene tank of the plant. The complicated geometry of the tank was modelled including all of the technological pipes and inner parts to optimize the polypropylene material consumption. The finite element stability analysis was used to prove the buckling resistance to a far higher degree than is usual.