Visible indication of a holistic offering

Project: Tübingen University Clinic, Health Center, Germany

Architect: wörner traxler richter, Frankfurt, Germany

Building client: Tübingen University Clinic, Germany

Nemetschek brand involved: ALLPLAN

Rehab unit meets all patient's requirements

Architecture office wörner traxler richter designed an urban novelty in the form of the Health Center of the Tübingen University Clinic: Its extraordinary design gives the campus a new, identity-supporting address. A great number of the rooms are located directly on the entrance level for fast access. Six theme-based courtyards with plenty of air and light flank the bright treatment rooms and can be used for therapy outdoors. The exterior of the compact, seven-story tower is marked by square windows of various sizes. They are reminiscent of picture frames that draw one’s gaze to the landscape of the area.