Energy-efficient Sports Hall

Project: Sports Hall, Beernem, Belgium

Award: 2007 Award of Belgian Architecture –
Energy Awards

Architect and Engineering Office: Buro II, Roeselare, Belgium

Nemetschek brand involved: SCIA

Belgian Sports Hall Awarded Energy Awards 2007

The community institution "De Zande" is responsible for receiving and supporting some 40 girls who have been entrusted to the institution by the juvenile court. The sports infrastructure has a double use: for both the juvenile institution and the public communal sports activities. The building also embodies a "bridge" between the temporary accommodations in the juvenile institution and the return to public and daily life. The Flemish Government has had the ambition to build in an energy-conscious way. The sports hall has been interpreted as a passive building. An energetic added value is achieved by advanced thermal insulation in combination with a well-conceived orientation of surfaces and shape of the building. By designing the Sports hall partly underground, the energy-saving characteristics are further optimised. For this innovative concept the Belgian engineering office "Buro II" had been awarded with the "Awards de l'Energie" of the "Federation Royale des Societes D´Architectes de Belgique".