Collaboration with OPEN BIM

Consistent planning of Scott Sports’ innovative headquarters with BIM software: General planner counted on solutions from the Nemetschek Group.

Building owner: Scott Sports SA, Givisiez, Switzerland
General planner / Architect: Itten+Brechbühl AG, Bern, Switzerland

Award-winning architecture: Building owner’s specifications strategically implemented with Open BIM

The European headquarters of the American sporting goods brand Scott in Switzerland is a good example of how the concept of Open BIM can be brought to life. The new building, designed by architects Itten+Brechbühl from Bern, reflects the innovative and global nature of the brand, which is also expressed by the hightech façade, among other aspects. A space-generating element in the interior of the striking aluminum-paneled cube takes the form of a light and airy atrium in which the five levels of the new building can be perceived. The building is connected via a main staircase which leads to the auditorium inside. A cafeteria and restaurant on the ground floor mark the inviting entrance area, which also contains the showroom.


The digital twin – a detailed BIM model supports successful collaboration from planning to building and maintenance.

Cycling is the focus at the Scott site in Givisiez: visitors can view the test route for the brand’s new sport bikes right from the ground floor.

The offices of the employees are on the four upper floors. The open office environment aims to promote communication between employees and enable flexible room layouts by means of the selected grid system. Thus Scott is preparing itself today for the requirements of tomorrow’s working world.


The spacious showroom offers an appropriate framework to present the innovative bikes.

Project plan specifies OPEN BIM

An important milestone for the success of the project was the design with the BIM method. Supported by the concept of Open BIM and the design work on the virtual building model across disciplines and platforms, architects and expert designers held coordination meetings every 14 days. All issues and problems were explained right in the BIM model. Besides the design software Vectorworks, the Model Checker from Nemetschek brand Solibri was used, which supported transparency in the design. Communication was thus always based on facts.

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) was specified as the main data exchange format for Open BIM. The architects defined the cross-platform IFC format and the exchange cycles for data exchange and coordination in the project plan. Their architectural model was the basis for the BIM design. The expert designers and engineers involved used this as a basis to develop their technical models for the façade and building technology as well as the structural model.

Efficient and solution-oriented design

Even before the coordination meetings, architects and expert designers were exchanging individual design statuses and checking them for inconsistencies with the Model Checker. This simplified the meetings and enabled those involved to collaborate efficiently since it was then possible to discuss possible solutions right in the coordination meetings instead of just listing problems.

BIM applied to actual practice

The project won the Arc Award 2017. The jury honored the special quality of the cooperation of those involved in the design with the Gold “Collaboration” award. Most of all, the clear and practical integration of BIM in the main stages of the project and decisions was highlighted. The strategic implementation of the building client’s specifications in the categories of “Façade”, “Sustainability” and “Flexibility” were remarkable, according to the jurors.*

* Source: Arc Award website,

The central point of the new building is the atrium, which provides access to public rooms located on the ground floor, such as a cafeteria, restaurant or showroom.


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