Solibri Model Checker now supporting French Language


Helsinki, March 29, 2017 – In conjunction with BIM World France, Solibri is happy to announce the French language version of Solibri Model Checker (SMC).

Jorma Erhnrooth, Solibri Global Sales Director commented “We have seen a huge demand for model checking in this region. Our sales partner, Allplan France, have done a fantastic job at opening up this new market for Solibri. This new language variant will only help accelerate the business development and bring quality assurance to many more BIM related projects.”

The software will be release in the first half of this year with localized rulesets being prepared through partners including by BTP Consultants.

Michel Pinon, Allplan France Directeur General | CEO stated “Selling the French version of SMC is a natural choice in a market that is already advanced in BIM. We in Allplan are proud to be the sponsors of Open BIM and adding Solibri to our portfolio offers all our customers the best possible model checking solution for their needs.”

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