New presentation: At BAU 2017, Allplan presents virtual reality for the building industry

  • VR technology is revolutionizing communication between designers and building clients
  • Solution based on bim+ and 3D glasses

Munich, December 14, 2017 – At BAU 2017, Allplan and its partner EDV-Software-Service will be presenting a virtual reality solution based on its BIM platform bim+. A demo will show how the VR technology will revolutionize communication between designers and building clients. The new function in bim+ combined with the 3D glasses (e.g. Oculus Rift 3D) enables virtual tours of the building model and provides building clients with a realistic idea of their building project in terms of space and design. As bim+ is system-independent, it does not matter which software was used to create the building model.

“It is a quantum leap,” according to Markus Tretheway, Vice President Product Management at Allplan. “Allplan is taking advantage of what virtual reality has to offer and is systematically applying all this in practice. In the virtual reality of the 3D model, complicated structures can be identified and understood far more readily.”

Better buildings thanks to VR technology

How high is a ceiling, how large are the windows, how does the light fall, what is the effect of the different materials or what is the atmosphere of a room? This information can be communicated more effectively with virtual reality than with traditional images or videos. “Therefore, we are once again helping planning errors to be identified earlier, so that they can be rectified before the construction phase. We are taking communication in the planning process to a new level, and giving our customers a decisive competitive edge,” says Markus Tretheway.

bim+ - BIM platform for collaboration

bim+ is a tool for collaboration across all disciplines in BIM projects on a system-independent basis. It is open to any software in the building industry. With bim+ the submodels of the various disciplines are merged so that they can be analyzed. Additional information: