Nemetschek publishes annual report and increases earnings forecast for 2011

  • Preliminary figures confirmed
  • Dividend will double
  • Earnings forecast for 2011 raised slightly

Munich, March 28, 2011 – Nemetschek AG (ISIN 0006452907), Europe's largest vendor of software for architecture and the building industry, published its annual report today. As was announced with the preliminary figures, the group managed to increase sales revenues by 10.4 percent to 149.7 million euros in 2010.

As a result, the operating result (EBITDA) increased to the record level of 37.1 million euros (previous year: 30.4 million euros). The EBITDA margin amounted to 24.8 percent, up from 22.4 percent in the previous year. The operating profit (EBIT) increased from 20.9 million euros to 27.5 million euros. At 18.9 million euros (previous year: 12.2 million euros), the net income (consolidated shares) increased significantly. The earnings per share (consolidated shares, basic) are 1.97 euros, up from 1.27 euros in the previous year.

The strong operating result is also reflected in the cash flow: the cash flow from operating activities increased from 23.4 million euros to 32.3 million euros. The cash flow from investment activities amounted to -3.8 million euros. Compared with December 31, 2009, the cash and cash equivalents increased from 22.9 million euros to 30.6 million euros. The Nemetschek Group's equity ratio is 57 percent (December 31, 2009: 50 percent).

With the record earnings of 2010 in mind, the managing board and supervisory board have decided to propose doubling the dividend to 1.00 euro at the annual general meeting in May. 'Now is the right time for our shareholders to participate substantially in the success of the company,' commented Ernst Homolka, CEO, Nemetschek AG.

Earnings forecast raised slightly

For the current fiscal year, Nemetschek is planning to increase revenues significantly by around 10 percent to approximately 165 million euros. To achieve this, the group wants to drive forward with its internationalization activities. Furthermore, both the group's subsidiary companies and the Nemetschek holding company have planned substantial investments in 2011 to develop web-capable software solutions and to be able to offer new services over the internet in the future.

In the current annual report the management defines more precisely the forecast that was first announced in the middle of February concerning the expected earnings. With sales revenues at the expected level, Nemetschek will achieve an operating result (EBITDA) of around 40 million euros for the year as a whole. This corresponds to an EBITDA margin of around 24 percent.

After depreciation of tangible fixed assets and amortization of intangible assets (including purchase price allocation) of around 10 million euros the EBIT will presumably amount to around 30 million euros. In view of the falling interest charges, the net income will thus increase to over 20 million euros.