Nemetschek introduces new platform for the building industry: bim+


Munich, January 14, 2013 – bim+ is an open platform and a marketplace for the building industry, connecting building information, models and people involved in the building process. It allows users to view and use the integrated building information with easy-to-use visual Apps on professional workstations and on popular mobile devices.

bim+ follows a philosophy that simplification and visualization allows you to make better collaborative decisions and to build faster. bim+ is provisioned as a cloud based, “pay-per-use” service to store and use building project information in OpenBIM format. bim+ AppStore provides all building related AECO Apps and enterprise tools.

bim+ is All-Connect

bim+ makes it easy for AEC professionals, builders, owners, facility managers, finance, ISVs, users etc. to view, manage, share and maintain the BIM information, during the entire lifecycle of the building process – reducing the overhead and burden of collaboration. It connects most modeling tools for AEC, and associated tools from services like finance and facility management, to export project plans/models into the bim+ system. All project models are stored and managed in the central bim+ server.

Simple and visual

bim+ is designed to be visual and simple – as opposed to text based and complex. This significantly increases the ease-of-use, which is critical for adoption by a wide range of users. Keeping things simple and making them visual leads to a quicker assessment of situations and problems, clearer communication among participants and a significant reduction of errors – and hence, bim+ allows you to build faster.

OpenBIM compliant, vendor neutral and by Nemetschek

bim+ is OpenBIM compliant. bim+ is truly open and vendor neutral, allowing a fair-play for all brands. It is designed for use in a wide range of projects – from large enterprise class projects, to very small ad hoc projects. bim+ is brought to you by Nemetschek AG – a leader in the AEC industry, with over 50 years of professional building experience.

AECO OPEN Apps and tools from bim+ App Store

People involved in building projects have a central place (the bim+ AppStore) to access all available Apps and enterprise tools to do a better job. bim+ Apps cover a wide variety of tasks like viewing, problem spotting, energy calculations. Users can buy and use these Apps to work on their projects with any device of their choice – especially, on new mobile, handheld devices. Use of mobile devices is a major asset for on-site workers, and also for other mobile building professionals wanting to operate from any location.

Cloud based with affordable pay-per-use model

bim+ is cloud based, using the latest Internet technology. It is run on a “pay-per-use” model. Alternatively, it can also be installed for larger projects and companies for enterprise usage, as a private cloud. ISVs who develop Apps for sale on the bim+ App store, get compensated through a revenue-shared payback scheme, and with a large international marketplace for their Apps.