Nemetschek Group maintains high growth pace in the third quarter and considerably increases revenue and profitability

  • Nine-month revenue grows by 19.2% to EUR 245.4 million
  • EBITDA (adjusted for the positive one-time effect) increases considerably and over-proportionally compared to revenue, reaching EUR 64.7 million (+30.9%)
  • Strong rise (+44.4%) in adjusted earnings per share to EUR 0.91
  • Increased forecast for revenue and EBITDA confirmed

Munich, October 28, 2016 – The Nemetschek Group (DE ISIN 0006452907), an internationally leading software provider serving the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry, continued on its course of dynamic development in the third quarter of 2016 and considerably increased its profitability compared to the same period in the previous year.

Major indicators of the Group’s success

  • In the third quarter, Group revenues rose by 18.5% to EUR 83.9 million (previous year: EUR 70.7 million). Organic growth amounted to 14.9%. Revenue for the nine-month period was EUR 245.4 million, which is 19.2% higher than the corresponding value from the previous year (EUR 205.9 million), whereby organic growth reached 17.1%.
  • The Nemetschek Group further reinforced its international alignment. In the first nine months of this year, revenue abroad rose by 20.7% to EUR 166.0 million (previous year’s period: EUR 137.6 million). Growth regions were primarily North America, Asia and Scandinavia.
  • With a plus of 20.9% and rising to EUR 129.0 million (nine months of 2015: EUR 106.7 million), revenue from the sale of software licenses constituted a further growth driver. Recurring revenues from maintenance contracts and rental models however also increased considerably in the two-digit range by 16.1%, reaching EUR 104.3 million (previous year’s period: EUR 89.9 million). The share of recurring revenues compared to total revenues was 42.5%.
  • EBITDA rose over-proportionally compared to revenue. It increased in the first nine months by 34.8% to EUR 66.6 million (previous year’s period: EUR 49.4 million), which corresponds to an operating margin of 27.1% (previous year’s period: 24.0%). EBITDA adjusted for the one-time effect occurring in Q2 and amounting to EUR 1.9 million rose as of September 30, 2016 by 30.9% to EUR 64.7 million, which corresponds to an adjusted EBITDA margin of 26.4%.
  • The net income (Group shares) increased by 49.9% to EUR 36.3 million (nine months of 2015: EUR 24.2 million). The earnings per share rose from EUR 0.63 to EUR 0.94. Adjusted for the one-time effect, the Group’s net income for the year is calculated at EUR 34.9 million (+44.4%) with adjusted earnings per share of EUR 0.91.

“The figures from the first nine months clearly indicate that Nemetschek is in optimum shape. We are well on the way to another record year. The business development confirms our strategic initiatives such as product innovations and strengthened internationalization. We are growing organically in the two-digit range and have accelerated this growth as a result of our acquisitions,” says Patrik Heider, Spokesman and CFOO of the Nemetschek Group.

Healthy balance sheet and high liquid reserves

The Group’s net asset structure and financial position continue to be extremely sound. The Nemetschek Group demonstrated an equity ratio of 41.4% as of September 30, 2016 (December 31, 2015: 44.0%). Cash and cash equivalents increased to EUR 103.0 million (December 31, 2015: EUR 84.0 million).

Development of the segments in the first nine months

The Design segment continued on its growth course. Revenue rose by 13.2% to EUR 162.3 million (previous year’s period: EUR 143.4 million). EBITDA increased over-proportionally compared to revenue by 32.1%, reaching EUR 45.8 million (previous year’s period in 2015: EUR 34.7 million). The EBITDA margin rose accordingly from 24.2% to a very high 28.2%. This growth arose from almost all regions and brands.

The strongest growth was achieved in the Build segment. Revenue increased by 42.6% to EUR 62.0 million (previous year’s period in 2015: EUR 43.5 million). This is supplemented by inorganic effects totaling EUR 4.6 million as a result of the acquisition of the Finish company Solibri (as of January 1, 2016) and the acquisition of Design Data (as of August 1, 2016), located in the US. Organic growth amounted to 32.6%. Likewise, EBITDA increased considerably by 43.5% to EUR 11.5 million (previous year’s period: EUR 8.0 million), which caused the EBITDA margin to improve from 18.5% to 18.6%.

In the Manage segment, it was possible to considerably increase revenue to EUR 5.0 million, a plus of 19.4% compared to the previous year’s period (EUR 4.2 million). EBITDA increased by 50.2% to EUR 1.0 million (previous year’s period: EUR 0.6 million), which corresponds to a considerably higher EBITDA margin amounting to 19.3% (previous year’s period: 15.4%).

The Media & Entertainment segment showed solid growth, rising from 8.3% to EUR 16.1 million (previous year’s period: EUR 14.9 million). Despite investments, EBITDA increased by 5.8% to EUR 6.4 million (previous year’s period: EUR 6.0 million). The EBITDA margin fell slightly below that of the previous year (40.6%) at 39.7%.

Outlook for the whole of 2016

The executive board confirms the forecast for revenue and EBITDA for the current 2016 financial year, a forecast which was already increased at the beginning of October. The new forecast anticipates revenue in the range of EUR 338 million to EUR 341 million (previously: EUR 319 million to EUR 325 million). This results in a planned growth in revenue compared to the previous year (EUR 285.3 million) of +18% to +20% (previously: +12% to +14%). Operating EBITDA (adjusted for the positive one-time effect from the second quarter amounting to EUR 1.9 million) is now expected to be in the range of EUR 89 million to EUR 91 million. This would be an increase compared to the previous year’s value (EUR 69.5 million) of +28% to +31% (previous forecast: EUR 77 million to EUR 80 million).

Overview of key figures

In EUR millionQ3 2016Q3 2015Δ in %9M 20169M 2015Δ in %
- thereof software licenses43.336.4+19.0%129.0106.7+20.9%
- thereof software service36.631.5+16.0%104.389.9+16.1%
Margin25.1%23.8% 27.1%24.0% 
EBITDA (w/o one-time effect)21.016.8+24.9%64.749.4+30.9%
Margin (w/o one-time effect)25.1%23.8% 26.4%24.0% 
EBITA (normalized EBIT)19.215.1+26.6%61.344.5+37.7%
Margin22.8%21.4% 25.0%21.6% 
Net income (Group shares)12.18.7+38.9%36.324.2+49.9%
Earnings per share in EUR0.310.23+38.9%0.940.63+49.9%
Net income (Group shares) before depreciation from purchase price allocation14.210.5+35.6%42.329.6+43.0%
Earnings per share before depreciation from purchase price allocation*0.370.27+35.6%1.100.77+43.0%

Key figures by segment

In EUR millionQ3 2016Q3 2015Δ in %9M 20169M 2015Δ in %
Margin29.8%26.3% 28.2%24.2% 
Margin11.3%11.6% 18.6%18.5% 
Margin22.8%23.2% 19.3%15.4% 
Media & Entertainment      
Margin32.5%35.5% 39.7%40.6% 

The complete 9-month report for 2016 is available for download in the Investor Relations section of the company website.