Nemetschek Allplan and bim+ bundle their products: cloud technology the basis for future developments


Munich, July 4, 2014 – In future, Nemetschek AG subsidiaries Nemetschek Allplan and bim+ will join forces when it comes to Building Information Modeling (BIM). For this reason, Nemetschek Allplan has acquired bim+ cloud technology, including BIM servers. This platform will form the basis for future developments in which Allplan users will benefit even more from the advantages of the BIM approach. Allplan will operate, develop and expand the open cloud technology.

For bim+, the sale of the cloud technology means it can focus more on its vision: "making BIM happen faster". In future, the Nemetschek subsidiary will concentrate on helping large-scale customers to successfully implement BIM projects in order to enable better, quicker and more cost-effective construction. These solutions are based on the new Open BIM IFC server, the cloud technology from Allplan, BIM apps and individual software components. bim+ will work out solutions together with its customers and provide ongoing support throughout the corresponding projects.

Cloud technology – open and flexible

The central element of the cloud technology from bim+ is an open, cloud-based BIM server. It supports collaboration services such as version and revision management, analyses and clash detection. To enable this, different models for architecture, structure and building services are linked and managed together in a central data storage location. This technology provides open interfaces to the established AEC systems, as well as support for open standards such as IFC or BCF. This is particularly useful if you want to map the heterogeneous infrastructure or processes of large-scale customers and you need to respond to individual needs.

Dr. Jörg Rahmer, General Manger Nemetschek Allplan: "BIM is the new way of working for our customers. To support this development, in future we will provide an open platform via the Internet aimed at all the actors in the design and construction process. Now that we have digitized our customers' tools, we must now continue to drive the digitization of the design and construction process based on BIM."