Nachschlagewerk für die Praxis: Neuer BIM-Leitfaden von Nemetschek Allplan (Kopie 1)


Munich, June 27, 2013 – Nemetschek Allplan has posted a guideline with more than 100 pages on the practical application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) which is available for download immediately. It is designed to help architects and engineers deepen their understanding of the BIM method and associated processes in Allplan.

Building Information Modeling is an integrated process encompassing the optimized planning, construction and management of buildings or real estate. As a BIM platform, Allplan provides a basis in this respect with its component-oriented 3D model. It records, combines and networks information in an intelligent prototype. Users can therefore obtain the latest high-quality and freely accessible data on the planning, construction or actual status in each case and determine the costs involved before construction commences.

The new BIM Guideline is intended for interested parties and users of Allplan 2013 who generate and exchange their data three-dimensionally with partners or export it to other programs. It provides sound practical knowledge and addresses a variety of topics which need to be considered during both model creation and transfer. It will aid architects and civil engineers to optimize this data exchange and, as a consequence, the information flow and cooperation through appropriate working methods.

Robert Bäck, Senior Product Consultant at Nemetschek Allplan explains: “The term Building Information Modeling has now also arrived in Germany. However, many users have not yet gained any practical user experience. The BIM Guideline therefore describes some of the fundamental rules which should be observed in the BIM method and is designed to provide a basis for the introduction of BIM in the business environment.”

The BIM Guideline can be downloaded at