For a better collaboration: ALLPLAN presents new features of bim+ for joint working in BIM projects

  • BIM platform bim+ now available as an app for the iPad
  • Browser version expanded to include touch functionality for all devices
  • Improved functions and optimized usability

Munich, 25 April 2017 – To satisfy the diverse requirements of the construction industry, ALLPLAN regularly optimizes the functional scope of its openBIM platform, bim+. The latest innovations are the app for the iPad and the browser version’s touch functionality, which makes using bim+ even more convenient and means it is available on every device. Task management with the Task Board was also optimized, and the interface function has been improved for a better control of 3D models.

bim+ is the tool for system-independent and collaborative working in BIM projects across all disciplines. It is open for any software used in the construction industry – via various formats such as IFC and BCF or via the innovative API programming interface. The central coordination model forms the basis for interdisciplinary collaboration, as this is where all the relevant information is compiled and discrepancies become immediately visible. Using the Task Board in bim+, the defined tasks can be coordinated quickly and clearly between everyone involved in the planning process.

Makes BIM mobile

A new app specifically for the iPad makes it even more convenient to use bim+. It includes the same functions as the browser version and is available at the App Store. For Android and Windows devices, the touch functionality furthermore has been optimized in the current version, too. Enlarged controls and the option of navigating in the building model using multi-touch gestures make working with bim+ more convenient than ever before – no matter whether you’re on the move or working in a single location.

Provides planning predictability

For easier operation in the Task Board, the task details have been structured more clearly to reduce the number of work steps to a minimum. Task processing is now controlled by means of role-based access rights, resulting in clear responsibilities which make it possible to plan with greater certainty.

Improves the model-checking process

The improved section function makes it possible to generate sectional planes in parallel to any existing surface. By simply clicking on an object in the model – for instance a wall, column or ceiling – you can determine the position of the sectional area in the room. This sectional area can now be shifted forwards or backwards, which enables better analysis and checking of the model in the three-dimensional space.

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