Allplan receives IFC2x3 CV2.0 Certification from buildingSMART for excellent IFC export


Munich, March 21, 2013 – The international association buildingSMART has extensively tested and recertified the BIM solution Nemetschek Allplan with respect to the IFC export – and hereby recognizes the company’s support of the Open BIM process. Thus Allplan is one of four products in the AEC market, which received this award at the international buildingSMART meeting in Waltham, USA, on March 12, 2013.

Aleš Široký, Technical Director at Nemetschek Allplan said: "This certification is an important step towards improving open BIM collaboration among our customers and their partners. Nemetschek Allplan is committed to IFC as the industry standard and our developers cooperate with other industry players so that we stay at the leading edge of open BIM exchange."

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) are an open standard for digital descriptions of building models. Shown are the logical building structures (e.g. Window-Opening-Wall-Story-Building), associated properties (attributes), and optional geometry. This allows, among other things the interchange of complex 3D design data with components and descriptive attributes between different construction software systems.

Building Smart is an international, cross-industry alliance dedicated to improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the design, construction and facilities management industries, with an emphasis on information sharing and BIM. It has developed the open IFC standard (Industry Foundation Classes), also known as the buildingSMART Data Model.

In 2010, buildingSMART relaunched its certification scheme, introducing a clear distinction between import and export functions and improving quality checks. The scheme uses a web application, the Global Testing and Documentation Server (GTDS), which provides automated online testing of IFC files, tools for documentation of manual tests and is a place where candidates for certification can run tests to ascertain compliance. The database of GTDS stores all test results and provides test reports. Certification 2.0 by buildingSMART is open to all software developers who are members of buildingSMART.

Rasso Steinmann, who leads buildingSMART Implementer Support Group, said: "Our certification is a stringent process and buildingSMART congratulates the successful vendors. The number of test actions to date is over 1,400 – an indication of how seriously we take the process."

In addition to Allplan, the products ArchiCAD, Revit Architecture and Scia Engineer were also tested and certified. This means, three out of four successfully tested software solutions are from the Nemetschek AG. A clear commitment of the Nemetschek Group to Open BIM strategy.