ALLPLAN presents Allplan 2020, the new version of its BIM software for more efficiency and productivity in everyday work

New version with Visual Scripting for parametric modeling, tools for modeling stairs, roofs and steel structures as well as first fully integrated solution for modeling and static calculation of bridges

Munich, October 8, 2019 – ALLPLAN, an international provider of BIM solutions, presents Allplan 2020, the latest version of its BIM solution for architects and engineers, focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration and 3D modeling. The new version supports architects in modeling stairs and roofs as well as complex shapes using the new integrated Visual Scripting. Engineers can benefit from Allplan 2020 to create steel structures using the new steel modeling tools and Allplan Bridge 2020, the first fully integrated solution for modeling, static calculation and design. In addition, numerous workflow and user-friendly improvements ensure efficient design processes.

"With Allplan 2020, we are providing architects and engineers with a future-oriented BIM solution. It is exciting to bring new innovations to our clients to help increase performance and efficiency in their everyday work. Our new embedded visual scripting technology enables architects and engineers to control complex geometry parametrically. With new structural analysis built in to Allplan Bridge, engineers can streamline the bridge design process even further. Allplan 2020 provides a reliable, user-friendly BIM workflow resulting in maximum efficiency”, says Kevin Lea, Senior Vice President Product Management at ALLPLAN.


Allplan 2020 offers architects and engineers:

Visual Scripting - the alternative to programming
Visual Scripting is ideal for parametric modeling of complex shapes, creating frequently used custom objects, and automating workflows. Instead of learning a programming language, users simply visually arrange nodes and link them together.

Efficient working with point clouds
In cooperation with Scalypso, a plug-in was developed for processing point clouds in Allplan. With the converter included in the plug-in, you can import scan data in various formats, both from the manufacturer-neutral ASTM E57 format and from the manufacturer-specific formats of Faro, Leica, Riegl, Topcon, Trimble and Zoller+Fröhlich as well as from ASCII formats. You can then transfer selected 3D points to your Allplan project. For more intensive use, there is an extended version tailored to individual requirements. This makes it possible, for example, to automatically calculate horizontal sections from which precise floor plans or building models can be generated in a time-saving manner.

Improvements in handling attributes
In order to make the handling of attributes even more comfortable and consistent, numerous extensions and improvements have been made to attribute management. Among other things, the attributes can now also be exported as formatted Excel files. In addition, the object palette has been extended so that objects can now be filtered by attribute and highlighted in color for better visual control.


The most important innovations for engineers:

New Modeler for Steel Structures
You no longer need a separate steel solution to model steel structures. Supports and beams can be created and modified using a modern user interface based on property palettes and handles.

New: structural analysis of bridges
After parametric modeling, prestressing and construction sequence, the Allplan Bridge 2020 bridge construction solution now also enables structural analysis. This includes the definition of loads as well as the calculation of internal forces, deflections, stresses and the effects of creep and shrinkage in consideration of the construction progress. The static model is automatically derived from the parametric bridge model. This makes Allplan Bridge 2020 the world's first fully integrated solution that uses a common parametric model for both static calculation and design. This approach greatly accelerates bridge design processes. Due to the minimal time required for changes or variant comparisons, an almost optimal design can be developed with iterative improvements.


The most important innovations for architects:

Working even more productively with the staircase modeler
New features have been added to the staircase modeler introduced with the Allplan 2019 version to further simplify operation and increase productivity. For example, there are now new offset profiles with which passage heights and widths can be visually checked. The latter is particularly advantageous when working with complex geometries. Operation is via a modern user interface based on property palettes and handles.

Fast and easy modeling of roofs
With the new roof modeler, you can create contour-based roof surfaces using a modern user interface based on property palettes. Subsequent changes can easily be made. By linking the roof model with the plane and level manager, the interaction between the roof and other parts of the building model is improved. Even roofs with negative roof pitches are now supported.

Convincing project presentations with panorama rendering
Use the new panorama rendering function to create a spherical image from a defined camera position. This allows, for example, the creation of a virtual project inspection in the form of a video for your client, which can be played back on many end devices without additional investment. With the Real Time Renderer in Allplan 2020, you can now define different light temperatures.



Allplan Architecture 2020, Allplan Engineering 2020 and Allplan Bridge 2020 as well as the free 30-day trial version are now available for download.

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With the new roof modeler in Allplan Architecture 2020, you can create contour-based roof surfaces using a modern user interface based on property palettes.
Copyright: Allplan 2020

With Allplan Engineering 2020 you no longer need a separate steel solution to model steel structures.
Copyright: Allplan 2020


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