Analyst Coverage

The following list contains German and international financial analysts who regularly publish reports on Nemetschek AG. This list should not be considered as complete, but it comprises those houses whose research analysts have ongoing contact with the Nemetschek AG.

Date Bank City Name Price Target Votum
29.11.2017 Commerzbank Frankfurt Victoria Kruchevska € 86.00 Hold
01.11.2017 ODDO BHF Frankfurt Henning Steinbrink € 47.00 Reduce
27.10.2017 Mainfirst London Chandramouli Sriraman € 75.00 Outperform
27.10.2017 Berenberg Bank New York Gal Munda € 70.00 Hold
27.10.2017 Kepler Chevreux Frankfurt Martin Jungfleisch € 69.00 Hold
27.10.2017 BAADER Helvea Equity Research Unterschleißheim Knut Woller € 65.00 Hold
27.10.2017 equinet Bank AG Frankfurt Sebastian Droste € 47.00 Reduce
19.10.2017 Warburg Research Hamburg Andreas Wolf € 83.00 Hold
13.09.2017 Hauck & Aufhäuser Hamburg Lars Dannenberg € 74.50 Buy


The list does not represent a recommendation for a financial investment in the company. Nemetschek cannot guarantee that the information is complete or correct. The ratings merely give the opinion of the named analysts. Nemetschek AG is not responsible for the ratings and cannot accept any liability. The ratings do not necessarily represent the opinion of Nemetschek AG.

Analysts Adresses

Bank Analyst Phone Email
BAADER Helvea Equity Research Knut Woller +49 89   Skypeabschalter5150-1807
Berenberg Bank Gal Munda +1 646   Skypeabschalter445 4846
Commerzbank Victoria Kruchevska +49 69   Skypeabschalter136-23038
equinet Bank AG Sebastian Droste +49 69  Skypeabschalter58997 434
Hauck & Aufhäuser Lars Dannenberg +49 40   Skypeabschalter414 3885  Skypeabschalter92
Kepler Chevreux Martin Jungfleisch +49 69   Skypeabschalter75696   Skypeabschalter447
Mainfirst Chandramouli Sriraman +44 207   Skypeabschalter478-8050
ODDO BHF Henning Steinbrink +49 69   Skypeabschalter718 36 72
Warburg Research Andreas Wolf +49 40   Skypeabschalter30 95  Skypeabschalter37-140