Winners of “Your World, Reimagined: A Global Design Competition” Revealed

Best Overall Submission Prize Goes to Maryn Hekker from the Netherlands

Columbia, Md., October 14, 2013 – Nemetschek Vectorworks in collaboration with MAXON Computer, DOSCH DESIGN, Arroway Textures® and AMD FireProTM professional graphics is pleased to announce the winners of “Your World, Reimagined: A Global Design Competition.” The “Your World, Reimagined” design competition asked professional and student designers to tackle an old, dilapidated or run-down locale and redesign it for a new, improved use. Entries could range in focus from adaptive reuse to landscape reclamation or object redesign.

The competition winners are as follows:

Best Overall Submission: Maryn Hekker, Freelance Interior Architect (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Summary of judges’ comments: Very interesting concept: A modern back-to-basics facility. This should be the basis for future architecture. Great design board, ingenious and creative concept, and a clear presentation. You feel there is a fire in the person who made it. Category prizes: $2,000 Visa gift card sponsored by AMD, an article in a prominent, global design magazine, highlighting the winner and his/her design, DOSCH DESIGN Collection: HDRI Complete

Best Computer Rendering: Dmitry Boykov, Founder, db-arch studio (Stuttgart & St. Petersburg, Germany)

Summary of judges’ comments: This is a beautiful design! It’s a good concept and the design boards are very well achieved, containing a lot of eye-catching material. Excellent job! Category prizes: $1,000 Visa gift card sponsored by MAXON, Arroway Textures All-In-One Bundle + Tiles-1, DOSCH Textures: Arch Views America, DOSCH Textures: Arch Views Asia, DOSCH Textures: Arch Views Nature

Best Animation: Kourosh ASGAR-IRANI, Architect at B&M Architektur and teacher at Atelier04 (Vienna, Austria)

Summary of judges’ comments: This is a truly visionary concept for a reimagined world. This is the type of submissions I was hoping to see. So well done! While it is a sprawling work, I'm impressed that the detailed parts were modeled with a 3D tool. Category prizes: $1,000 Visa gift card sponsored by MAXON, DOSCH DESIGN Prize Bundle

Best 3D Modeling: KANG Jian, student at The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Summary of judges’ comments: This work is totally eye-catching. It’s a simple design and well organized. Good subtle solution for housing with great analysis. Final strategy is clear but design solution is still diagrammatic. Category prizes: $1,000 Visa gift card sponsored by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Arroway Textures All-In-One Bundle + Tiles-1

Best 2D Plan: Charlotte Le Dain, student at the École Spéciale d'Architecture (Paris, France)

Summary of judges’ comments: Shows clear concept of the project supported by visually pleasing renderings that adhere to a common visual theme. The design board is professionally presented and includes both a history of the site and clearly defined plan moving forward. Such a complex model was realized very well.

Category prizes: $1,000 Visa gift card sponsored by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Arroway Textures Wood-Veneers CE, Arroway Textures Construction Bundle + Tiles-1

The winners were selected by a panel of judges from around the world, including designer and sculptor Nicholas Dunand; digital artist Shinya Fujimura from 3D-KOBO; architect François Lévy; lighting and production designer Tyler Littman of Sholight, LLC; architectural visualizer Alejandro Nogueira from DECC 3D Art; architect Peter Petz from; digital animator Marc Potocnik from renderbaron; architectural visualizer Erik Recke from Datenland; assistant professor Katherine Bambrick Ambroziak from the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and project architects Maxime Czvek, Thomas Rigby and Tom Boogaerts from BOGDAN & VAN BROECK ARCHITECTS.

To view the winning entries and for more information, including the complete competition rules, please visit: