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Project: Pontsteiger - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Engineering Office: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs

Architect: Arons & Gelauff Architecten

Pictures: Arons & Gelauff Architecten

Beteiligte Nemetschek Marke: SCIA

This complex project, involving the construction of a “bridge” hung between two 90 meter high towers, is being built in the IJ in Amsterdam. After winning the tender, the architect approached Van Rossum for further development of the project.
The building comprises two parts: a low-rise and a high-rise section. The design was created for the high-rise with prefab inner walls and a loadbearing prefab exterior wall. This enables the construction speed of one story per week. The bridge construction between both towers comprises of four steel lattice trusses and a secondary load-bearing structure safeguarding these trusses. The trusses are designed in such a way that each joist can be eliminated without causing the rest of the construction to fail. In order to prevent the lattice trusses being jammed between both towers, a pure hinge system was designed as a support.
During the design phases of the project, SCIA Engineer allowed us to quickly review different alternatives for the structural design. During a short period of a few weeks, different stability systems were taken into account, resulting in an optimal combination of structural inner walls and a structural facade.

In the final phases, an accurate calculation of internal forces of all structural elements was carried out in SCIA Engineer. This calculation is both used by us as the main structural engineer to design the elements and by the subcontractors to calculate their individual elements.