Where art and finance merge into one

Project: Rabobank information center, Roermond, The Netherlands

Engineering office: van der Werf en Nass, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Architect: Engelman Architecten, Roermond, The Netherlands

Nemetschek brands involved: ALLPLAN, SCIA

When an artwork is a source of inspiration

This building was inspired by a sculpture by American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. It is reminiscent of a serpent with its extended neck and head rising high up into the air. The architects transformed this idea into a two-story office building which ends with a seven-story tower rising boldly at a diagonal.

A closer look at the building and the challenges faced by the engineers with this original design are immediately apparent: The building has no right angles, which necessitated a very unusual load transfer. Since the construction time was also to be kept to a minimum, a shell made of precast concrete components was opted for. In order to avoid long lead times at the precast component plant, the substructure was constructed using cast-in-place concrete.