Ruin under glass canopy

Project: Hunting lodge “auf der Platte”, Wiesbaden, Germany

Architect: H. P. Gresser, Wiesbaden, Germany

Structural designer: E. Ahrens, Ahrens Ingenieure, Wiesbaden, Germany

Building client: Stiftung Jagdschloss Platte e. V., Wiesbaden, Germany

Nemetschek brand involved: Frilo Software

Hunting lodge restored to life

The hunting lodge “auf der Platte” has a clear, one-of-a-kind view of the Taunus. After it was destroyed in World War 2, the ruin was given an imposing glass canopy to protect it from the elements. Four inverted pyramids extending far above the ruin “canopy” what remains of the historical building fabric. The architecture of the lodge is marked by its clear, cubic form with reticent exterior design. The square geometry of the “chalices” takes up this unostentatious architectural language. The construction of the roof faced complex engineering challenges on account of the geographically exposed location which is subject to considerable snow and windy conditions.