Overture in Granite

Project: Gateway Center and Plaza of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Architect: Antoine Predock Architect

Pictures: Tim Hursley

Nemetschek brand involved: Vectorworks

Multifunctional Building opens Gateway to the Campus

An irregular polyhedron of colliding granite planes is broken by large fissures of glass, opening the interior space to the sun and sending refracted light bouncing off the copper surfaces. This description defines the University of Minnesota’s Gateway Center and Plaza, which emerges from the earth as more of an upheaval of material than a distinct structure. The Center occupies a major entry point onto university‘s campus and houses a memorial hall, as well as offices for departments like the Alumni Association and the Board of Regents. And while the functions of the space are integral to the school, the building’s true importance comes from its symbolic ties to the culture of the American Midwest.