NYC Subway Goes Solar

Project: Stillwell Avenue Terminal, New York City, USA

Award: AIA Committee on the Environment: Top Ten Green Building Award 2007

Architect: Kiss + Cathcart, Brooklyn, USA

Pictures: Kiss + Cathcart, Adam Friedberg

Nemetschek brand involved: Vectorworks

Honorable Mention on the Environment Top Ten Green Projects Awards

Coney Island's Stillwell Avenue Terminal is the largest above-ground station in the New York City subway system. For the reconstruction of this major intermodal terminal, Kiss + Cathcart has designed a 76,000 square foot glass and steel structure using an innovative, panelized construction system of semi-transparent photovoltaic modules. These solar modules function both as enclosure and a source of approximately 250,000 kilowatt hours per year in energy, the equivalent of the usage of approximately 40 single family houses.This project was chosen as an Honorable Mention in the AIA (The American Institute of Architects) Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project Awards for 2007.