Nevaris presented with red dot-Award

TAI Software Nevaris from software house Nemetschek wins prestigious red dot Award

Wals-Siezenheim, July 15, 2013 – With the release of Nevaris at the end of last year, the Nemetschek Group launched an TAI product which is completely distinctive compared to previous solutions in terms of functional range, reference and service model and the layout and design of the software. The product has now been presented with the prestigious red dot Award. This award has distinguished the best in business and design for many years. The international design competition is aimed at everyone who wants to showcase their commercial actions through design.

The latest TAI product (tender, assignment and invoicing) from the software-company Nemetschek, Nevaris, had one ambitious goal at the very beginning of the development phase: to gradually replace and merge three existing long-serving intercompany products. The task was to first of all analyse and optimise tried and tested aspects and raise it to a current level of development which complies with requirements. This was and remains the task of the Austrian subsidiary Nemetschek Auer with Managing Director Helmut Houdek who presented the software to the public in November 2012. The new type of software boasts a well thought-out, stringent operational framework which takes the user gradually and transparently through all areas of the application. Nevaris also has a new reference model. The TAI software can be used on demand, via monthly usage periods. This means that expensive licence fees do not apply. Such an innovative and ambitious product also requires a creative redesign alongside the technical modification. This is where the Stuttgart Agency C-U-P became involved. Specialising in User Interface Design, C-U-P have provided the building construction software solution Nevaris an outfit which offers consistency and process orientation in the overall appearance, from building construction and cost planning to controlling.

The unique aspect of the look and feel of Nevaris is that it follows on from traditional paper-based project work and the associated arrangement of the screen into “document” and “application frameworks”, according to Hanspeter Hüttisch, Managing Director of C-U-P. He added: “This creates a high level of functionality and information for the user, without getting lost. The Nevaris workbench is uncluttered, structured and controllable. Easy familiarisation is coupled with intuitive use, practical for occasional users as well as experts. The complete product suite has been coordinated with the corporate design of Nemetschek AG in a visually appealing manner with a consistent appearance.” Nevaris makes complex processes simple.

“Clients today expect a high level of usability, quick and secure completion of tasks and a reduced workload. The product must be attractive and comfortable and at the same time fun to use. Nevaris combines the essential principles of a user interface, self-descriptiveness, suitability to the task and controllability“, said Hanspeter Hüttisch about the new software.