Nemetschek Group proposes considerably higher dividend and plans stock split

  • Dividend increases by approximately 23% to EUR 1.60 per share
  • Total of dividends to be distributed rises to EUR 15.4 million
  • Stock split ratio 1:4

Munich, March 26, 2015 – At its meeting today, the supervisory board of Nemetschek AG (ISIN 0006452907) approved the dividend proposed by the executive board. The considerable dividend increase to EUR 1.60 per share is in keeping with the very positive business development in 2014. Executive and supervisory boards will submit the dividend proposal to the annual general meeting for resolution on May 20, 2015. Thus, compared to the previous year (EUR 1.30 per share), the dividend will increase by approximately 23%. With 9,625 million shares entitled to a dividend, the total amount of dividends to be distributed should increase to EUR 15.4 million (previous year: EUR 12.5 million). The dividend payout ratio for the 2014 fiscal year is therefore approximately 35% – in relation to the operative cash flow amounting to EUR 44.2 million.

Furthermore, the executive and supervisory boards will propose a stock split at a ratio of 1:4 to the annual general meeting. Every shareholder is to receive three additional shares for every Nemetschek share held at no further charge. The price of the Nemetschek share has almost tripled in the past two years and is currently quoted at about EUR 120. Given that the overall value remains the same, the estimated price level per share for the shareholders will be divided by four. The planned stock split is to promote Nemetschek share trading and make the share even more attractive to investors. As a result of the split, the share capital of Nemetschek AG would quadruple from the present 9,625,000 to 38,500,000.

As announced, the Nemetschek Group will publish the 2014 annual report on March 31, 2015.