Nemetschek Allplan Launches Exclusive Anniversary Package: the Allplan 30 Year Edition


Munich, July 21, 2014 – Nemetschek Allplan can look back with pride on its 30 years of software experience in the AECM sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Management) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). The year 1984 represents a turning point in the development of Allplan, for it is when a version of the current BIM solution first appeared. It marked a move away from the drawing board and a step into the digital world of 3D planning.

A crucial development to the BIM solution came in 1986 with the first integrated system for architects and engineers that took construction semantics into account. The company founder, Professor Georg Nemetschek, explained in an interview: “I believe that information technology is the solution that will allow us to transfer the digital world that the architect has in their head into the structure, without any loss of data. I think that two things will emerge in future: the actual structure and its digital model. (...) What’s more, this model won’t be geometrical, but semantic. And it will contain every attribute: an intelligent model, if you will.”

And, of course, the Allplan 30 Year Edition BIM solution appears very much in the spirit of this vision. It also uses the very latest technical developments, for example in rendering or bridge and tunnel construction.

The Allplan 30 Year Edition, as befits an anniversary offers a unique version. The special anniversary package consists of two high quality components: 1. The new Allplan 2015 BIM solution 2. High-quality objects for architects and engineers

Allplan Architecture strengthens preliminary and competition designs

Allplan version 2015 was developed to strengthen the support for architects, particularly in the early planning phases like preliminary designs, and to help create a competitive advantage. Professional and photo realistic visualizations for design competitions and acquiring new clients can now be created straight from Allplan – simply and intuitively. It allows users to create a realistic and interactive animation of the building model in just a few seconds with the new Real Time Renderer. Allplan users create high resolution renderings with the high-performance render engine CineRender by Maxon, which has been integrated for the first time in this version of Allplan. Users can also give their visualizations that ultimate finishing touch with the optimized export to CINEMA 4D solution. The result is convincing and realistic visualizations which will attract attention at presentations.

Allplan Engineering for efficient construction processes

Engineers in both structural and civil engineering projects, like bridges and tunnels, can benefit from the innovations in Allplan 2015 for increased efficiency. Time-consuming tasks like creating longitudinal sections along any curve or modeling tendons, which used to take hours or even days, can now be done in a short amount of time. Above all, these functions ensure that mistakes are avoided and that the engineer gets a geometrically accurate and collision-free 3D model. All views and sections can be derived without error, and conflicting planning documents are now a thing of the past.

The second component of the Allplan 30 Year Edition consists of new, highquality objects and materials for architects and engineers. These include materials for visualization (textures including bump maps), backgrounds for animation and rendering, a wide range of new objects for finishing (windows, doors, gates, roofing accessories, cranes, vault and dome rooflights as SmartParts) as well as equipment for drawing, animation and rendering (trees, people and cars).

Dr. Jörg Rahmer, CEO Nemetschek Allplan: “As part of the 30-year anniversary of the Allplan BIM solution, we have decided to introduce a special package for our clients and prospective clients: the Allplan 30 Year Edition. For the first time we are putting together a high quality package, which, in addition to the Allplan version 2015, includes other attractive components. Architects and engineers will then be able to work on everything from preliminary and design competitions to 3D reinforcement with speed, visual appeal, accuracy, and even greater efficiency. This will give Allplan users a competitive edge, which can be decisive in the tough AECM market. Our aim with the new Allplan version is to make the exchange of data and collaboration between all those involved in construction as flexible as possible in the context of Building Information Modeling.”