Mountain crystal with view of the Matterhorn

Project: Monte Rosa Hut, Pennine Alps, Switzerland

Architect: Bearth & Deplazes Architekten, Chur, Switzerland

Building client: Swiss Alpine Club SAC, Switzerland

Photographs: T. Ambrosetti with permission of the Holcim Foundation

Nemetschek brands involved: Vectorworks

A milestone in high alpine architecture

Like a shimmering mountain crystal, the Monte Rosa Hut (Monte-Rosa-Hütte, in German) lies nestled between the glaciers of the Pennine Alps in Switzerland at 2,883 m above sea level. Five stories were built on an octagonal reinforced concrete base measuring 16 m in diameter to accommodate 120 overnight guests. The new building, a wooden construction sheathed in an aluminum shell, embodies the concept of sustainability: Photovoltaic system, ventilation system with heat recovery and its own water circulation system for plumbing and building technology make it possible for the hut to renewably generate part of the energy it requires.