More time for the essentials: Allplan presents BIM solution Allplan 2017-1

  • Numerous improvements for greater ease of use in managing tasks and modeling in 3D
  • Optimized data exchange via IFC4
  • Large selection of screw coupler systems

Munich, 23 November 2017 – Today, Allplan presents new enhancements and further improvements to its BIM solution Allplan 2017 for architects and engineers. The enhanced version enables even more efficient collaboration across all disciplines in BIM projects. The user-friendliness for modeling solids, free forms and components in 3D has been further improved and the range of screw coupler catalogs for engineers has been expanded. For users, this means more transparency, more time saved, and higher quality in the project.

“With the new enhancements of Allplan 2017 we take another big step toward a fully digitalized working method. Everyone involved in a building project works with our integrative software solution as precise, flexible and efficient as ever before”, says Markus Tretheway, Vice President Product Management Allplan.

Allplan 2017-1 offers powerful tools for smooth collaboration between all partners in BIM projects. For example, the new Task Board function, which is directly connected to the open cloud solution bim+, enables tasks to be explicitly assigned, smoothly managed and clearly tracked. In the enhanced version, the Task Board is even easier to use. Planning errors can therefore be identified and corrected at an early stage.

Efficient work processes for modeling in 3D

In the current version, there are no longer any limits on the modeling and modification of solids, free forms and components. 3D solids can be precisely modeled without prior polygonization. When working with user-defined free-form components, users now also have far more flexibility.

Improved IFC4 export

Allplan 2017-1 permits the export of BIM models in IFC4 format for the first time. The interplay with other BIM solutions is thus tangibly improved, inaccuracies and information losses are considerably reduced. With Allplan 2017-1, finish specifications, 2D elements and labels can now be exported via the IFC4 interface – which helps to increase planning quality.

New screw coupler catalogs

Screw couplers are absolutely essential for placing reinforcement bars in tight spaces. If they are not stored in the system, they must be subsequently processed by hand. With Allplan 2017-1, the new Ancotech BARON-C and SAH SAS 670/800 catalogs have been added to the screw couplers that were already provided in the system. With the now considerably wider and more up-to-date selection of screw couplers, users save time and improve the quality of their designs.

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