Large hydraulic structure with several functions

Project: Hydraulic Structure - Želiezovce, Slovakia

Engineering Office: Vodotika, a.s.

Architect: Vodotika, a.s.

Pictures: Vodotika, a.s.

Beteiligte Nemetschek Marke: SCIA

The hydraulic structure near the town of Želiezovce (Nitra region) is located by the river Hron. It was designed as a multi-purpose construction serving several functions (water management, energy, environmental).
The construction consists of three main parts:

  • hydropower plant (installed power capacity – 2800 kW, 2 x Kaplan horizontal turbines, designed gross head – 5.95 m),
  • fish ladder (salmon leap with 72 fish chambers),
  • weir with overpour radial gate (three fields with a bridge).

The load bearing structure of these parts is designed from massive reinforced concrete elements.
SCIA Engineer has been used for creating the 3D analysis models of the hydropower plant and the weir. Internal forces and displacements were calculated using the finite element method and reinforcement for 2D elements was designed according to EC2. The loading capacity of the foundation soil and some chosen load bearing elements were calculated separately too.
SCIA Engineer helped us understand the composite action between the massive elements especially in the hydropower plant, analyse the behavior of the whole structure for each load case and combination and to calculate global displacements.