Eco-Friendly Seashore House

Project: Seashore House, Aotea, New Zealand

Award: Winner of

Architect: David Chisholm, New Zealand

Nemetschek brand involved: GRAPHISOFT

Award-Winning Concept for Waterfront House in New Zealand

Based on five months of voting by the community of "", the "jury" selected the waterfront house project from Aotea, New Zealand as the winning entry. The design by architect student David Chisholm incorporates passive solar design throughout, with winter sun passing under the summer sun-shading devices, through double glazed windows onto a concrete floor. The house is mainly timber framed and clad. Solid waste is composted on site, and liquid waste is passed through a reed bed filtration system. Rainwater is collected and stored off approximately 860 square feet of membrane roofing (topped with gravel), which in the region will net an average of 3,500 cubic feet of water per year. Solar panels are used to minimize the house's dependency on the grid.