Bold, three-block urban entity in Helsinki

Project: Tripla, Helsinki, Finland

Building client: YIT Construction Ltd.

Architect: Architects Soini & Horto, Brunow & Maunula

Nemetschek brands involved: GRAPHISOFT, Solibri

Tripla comes into being through Open BIM

The Helsinki metropolitan area is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. Central Pasila, located only three kilometers from downtown Helsinki, is the most significant showcase for new urban development in Finland. The center of this new area will be Tripla: a bold, three-block urban entity, sized 350.000 sqm². The overall design of the entity comprises apartments, offices, a hotel, a shopping center, a public transport terminal, pedestrian and bicycle paths, parks and squares as well as underground parking spaces. The entire area, of which Tripla is one part, is expected to be finalized by 2021.

The size of the project had to be taken seriously from the very beginning of the design phase. More than 20 parties are involved in designing Tripla. All designers are modelling with BIM, which means that several design phases are done in parallel and the size of the BIM models are enormous. IFC files that are produced from all design disciplines are brought together in Solibri Model Checker regularly. With Solibri, a merged BIM model can be made, in this case containing 72 separate BIM models and 300 000 objects.

Adapting and unifying the IFC information for the client or different design teams is straightforward and easy when using ARCHICAD from GRAPHISOFT. All project files are stored in one repository and any file exchange happens through this portal. With model-based design, communication errors are reduced and possible conflicts can be found in an early stage of the project.