An eye-catching crown jewel in Kortrijk

Project: Barco One Campus, Kortrijk, Belgium

Building client: Barco

Architect: Jesper-Eyers Architects, Belgium

Pictures: Marc Detiffe, Jesper-Eyers Architects, Belgium

Nemetschek brand involved: SCIA

Dynamic and innovative new headquarter

Barco, a global technology company headquartered in Belgium, needed a centralized place combining its two sites in Kortrijk and Kuurne, Belgium, to limit travel. This centralized structure is conveniently located next to the existing corporate buildings in Kortrijk.

At the heart of the Barco ONE Campus, Barco’s new headquarters, is the The Circle - a crown jewel of the campus. The building has a remarkable design and - with a diameter of 75 meters and a height of 25 meters – it can be seen from far away. The Circle houses offices, research and development spaces, demonstration spaces, an auditorium and a company restaurant. The building is dynamic, portraying the innovative and international nature of the company. The environment was designed to evoke the sense of togetherness and foster collaboration among the employees and business partners.

There are no dilatation joints in the concrete plates, so temperature loads have a great influence on the reinforcement. The dimensions of the concrete structure with all the possible combinations were calculated in SCIA Engineer to provide a realistic and clear idea about displacements and the need for reinforcement.