A completely new view of Bratislava

Project: Sky Park Residence - Bratislava, Slovakia

Engineering Office: PRODIS plus s.r.o.

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Pictures: PRODIS plus s.r.o.

Beteiligte Nemetschek Marke: SCIA

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The Sky Park Residence apartment blocks are the first phase of the Sky Park multi-purpose complex located close to the centre of Bratislava. There are three identical residential towers with 31 floors and the height of 103.8 m offering 786 apartments. The buildings have an elliptical floor plan that gradually widens and narrows in two directions from the ground to the roof. They also feature two-storey underground carpark. The total floor area of the premises is over 127,700 m². A new city park with an area of more than 10,000 m² has been proposed around the towers, covering the entire area of the underground floors.

A flat slab of the 1st underground floor below the park is covered with layers of earth 1 to 3.5 m thick. The design of foundations takes into account the interaction of this building with the TEN-T project, whose proposed underground railway tunnel lies 23 to 27 m below the level of the foundation joint.

BIM technology was fully applied during the design process by sharing one common model between the architects and structural engineers.

The deadlines were very tight during the whole design process, but SCIA Engineer allowed us to modify the structure promptly and easily. The Soil-In module was applied for the design and optimization of the piled raft foundation. On-site monitoring of the settlement shows a very good accord with the calculations.