Open Standards

Nemetschek advocates an open approach (Open BIM). Open standards are key to AEC industry successfully adopting BIM. The open standard enables each piece of software from the Nemetschek Group to communicate with every other piece of software, even with software from competitors, via open data and communication interfaces. Thus, there is seamless transfer of all digital information relevant to construction, with documentation at all levels of creation and management of buildings. With its Open-BIM software solutions the Nemetschek Group increases quality in the building process and improves the workflow and the collaboration of all those engaged in the building process. Consequently, project work proceeds more efficiently, and costings and deadlines are met more reliably. The Nemetschek Group is taking a leadership role in key standards bodies for formats that affect the AEC market.

Example on this topic:

Collaboration with Open BIM


The European headquarters of the American sports brand Scott in Switzerland was planned consistant with BIM software: General planner counted on solutions from the Nemetschek Group...   more