Building Software – Empowering The Entire AEC Lifecycle

For over half a century, the Nemetschek Group has been driving digitalization in the AEC industry.


With its innovative solutions, the Group is the only company in the world that maps the entire workflow in the lifecycle of a building or infrastructure project – from the architect’s first sketches to construction to managing and operating the building. Nemetschek software is guiding architects, engineers of all stripes, building contractors, developers, general administrators, and building managers into the future of digitalization.

Optimizing the interplay of all processes through systematic digitalization could improve efficiency in the industry by more than 20 percent by shortening construction times, improving quality, and lowering costs. Large parts of this transformation can be implemented efficiently even with existing technologies, thanks to the world-leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) method.

Using BIM, it’s possible to first build virtually, and then for real. All those involved in the building process operate transparently and plan efficiently, thereby avoiding unforeseen consequences or disruptions during the construction and subsequent management phases.

The Nemetschek Group is pioneering this digital work standard in the AEC industry. Today, BIM represents the Group’s core technological competence, supporting the entire process of creating a property.

The Nemetschek Group takes this a step further: By using and refining open standards, digital workflows are optimized across various disciplines and teams, regardless of which software provider is used. Called the Open BIM approach, this method encourages communication and collaboration among all the players involved in designing and carrying out construction. This benefits not just architects, engineers from all disciplines, and construction companies, but also the investors, owners, and operators of a property. Just as a building keeps changing throughout its long lifecycle, a software company like Nemetschek must keep constantly evolving. People with vision, foresight, curiosity, and an innovative mentality have always driven the company forward – starting with the company’s founder, Prof. Georg Nemetschek.

Nemetschek now has 2,500 such people across the Group’s 16 strong, entrepreneurial brands at 82 locations around the world. Over the past five years, they have generated average revenue growth of 20 percent.

Fiscal 2018 was another successful year: Group revenue climbed to EUR 461 million, an increase of 17 percent over the previous year.

Over the next 30 years, the world’s population is expected to grow by 2.5 billion people. Most will live and work in megacities, in residential and commercial properties that have yet to be built. As the population increases, so will the need for social institutions like schools, hospitals, and retirement homes. This will be followed by enormous investment in infrastructure – in roads, bridges, and tunnels. And last but not least, ecological and climate-protection requirements will require investment in many existing buildings.

Growing market potential
The worldwide building sector is worth an estimated EUR 10 trillion. But the industry still has much room for improvement, since its structures and processes are often extremely inefficient. According to the latest estimates, 20 percent of basic resources, such as time, money, and building materials, are wasted as a result of inefficient planning (source: Timetrics – Global Construction Outlook 2020).

New growth drivers: artificial intelligence and big data
What does the building of the future look like? How will it be built, and with what materials? How will it be used? Will artificial intelligence improve building plans?

There will continue to be demand for software solutions, and the Nemetschek Group will continue to play a leading role in every relevant technical development. Thanks to the unique network of its brands, Nemetschek is in a position to share and utilize findings quickly and efficiently across the entire Group.

In any case, big data is already a reality. Throughout its lifecycle, a property will generate an almost infinite volume of data, which must be collected, structured, and evaluated. This process starts with data concerning the best-case construction scenarios and goes on to data about who is using which areas of a building and how.

This creates data environments that are revolutionizing the working lives of users throughout the entire property cycle. Big data makes it possible to flag any problem areas at an early stage, avoid errors, and identify trends.

The Nemetschek Group aspires to be a pioneer and driver of the industry in this area, too, according to its maxim:

Building Software – Empowering The Entire AEC Lifecycle.

This is precisely where Nemetschek’s Open BIM software solutions come into play, ensuring seamless data exchange among all those involved in the process. They integrate third-party software solutions smoothly into the process, thereby facilitating an optimum workflow and data transfer at every stage of construction.

It records every stage and all parties involved: calling for tenders, planning the construction costs, preparing the bid, awarding the contract, covering all supply chains, invoicing, quantity calculation, scheduling, management accounting, documentation, along with the final invoicing and construction accounting.

Ultimately, Open BIM solutions are indispensable for managing and operating a property in the long run. It has long been overlooked that most real estate costs are incurred only once construction is complete, when the building is being managed and used. This makes it all the more important to ensure that efficient building management is practiced; the high degree of transparency in design and construction that Open BIM offers makes that a lot easier.

Proximity to the customer is key to the Group’s success.

At the same time, Nemetschek customers also reap the benefits of a unique competitive advantage: the vertical interplay of the 16 brands, which feed their expertise and broad experience back into the Group.

This also advances the international growth strategy of the Nemetschek Group. As of now, the company has won approximately 10 percent of the AEC market. Nemetschek’s aim is to increase this market share significantly over the coming years.

The Group’s extremely sound balance sheet and decentralized structure allow it to seize new acquisition opportunities for further growth in the highly attractive global AEC market. The focus is on the markets with the greatest potential. As part of this expansion, the Nemetschek Group added the Spacewell brand to the corporate family in fiscal 2018. Spacewell offers modular and integrated software solutions for property, facility, and workplace management, as well as an intelligent smart building platform.

To support cross-market development projects and strategic initiatives, and to advance the intelligent smart building platform, the Nemetschek Group reinvests approximately 25 percent of its revenue in research and development.

Five million customers currently benefit from the unique software solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. For them, the wide variety of brands means that the entire lifecycle of a building is covered, including 3D solutions for architecture, structural engineering, and quality control; 4D solutions for scheduling; 5D solutions for cost analysis, as well as tools for collaboration, documentation, building management, and project visualization. This “single source” approach grants all parties full access to valuable information throughout the lifecycle of the building.

That’s because the Nemetschek Group provides support throughout a building’s entire lifecycle:

Building Software – Empowering The Entire AEC Lifecycle.