Software for the AEC industry

The Nemetschek Group is a leading global software provider for the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering, Construction).
The company develops software solutions that enable a sustainable and efficient process for complex building and infrastructure projects. Founded in 1963 by Prof. Georg Nemetschek, the portfolio covers the entire workflow in the construction and infrastructure market.

The unique holding structure of the Nemetschek Group provides the 15 strong brands with the flexibility to innovate in an entrepreneurial way while closely engaging with their 2.7 million customers worldwide. Customers include architectural and design offices, structural planners, engineers of all disciplines, planning and service companies, building companies and their suppliers, process controllers as well as property, facility and asset managers.

Pioneer in Open BIM

A central feature in the planning, construction and administrative process is Building Information Modeling (BIM), a term that stands for the digital transformation of the construction industry. Using BIM, all data is recorded and can be accessed digitally, creating a virtual, three-dimensional building model. The simulation includes time and cost as a fourth and fifth dimension. BIM enables an efficient and transparent collaboration and an improved workflow for all those involved in a project over the entire process of planning, constructing and managing a property or an infrastructure project.

As the pioneer of the BIM idea, the Nemetschek Group has followed this holistic approach for over thirty years. Nemetschek advocates an open approach (Open BIM). The open standard enables every software from the Nemetschek Group to communicate with any other software, even with software from competitors, via open data and communication interfaces. Thus, there is seamless transition of all digital information relevant to construction, with documentation at all levels of creation and management of buildings.

Local and Global

The Nemetschek Group is represented with its 15 brands at 67 locations worldwide. The solutions are used all over the world by more than 2.7 million users in all regions of the world.