“We drive digitalization and innovation for the entire AEC industry” (Prof. G. Nemetschek)

Architecture, engineering, construction – AEC industries are facing fundamental changes: collaboration, digitalization and Open BIM, 5D, mobile solutions and the cloud are revolutionizing worlds of work and perceptions of work. Multimedia applications are taking architecture by storm and vice versa. Processes are becoming more efficient or are being redefined in a whole new way. Everything that can be digital and online will be digital and online.

Nemetschek is actively driving, shaping and accompanying these changes. Our aim is to deliver the best possible, most innovative and most successful software solutions. Design. Build. Manage. Media & Entertainment.

We call it: EXCELLENCE IN AEC. By Nemetschek

The future is five-dimensional

Building is a five-dimensional process that we render tangible with software.

Long before the first diggers roll in, complex buildings or entire urban districts come into being in digital 3D models. Software for media and entertainment makes the results visible right down to the smallest detail, even for laypeople. Time and costs as dimensions 4 and 5 are considered in the simulation. In this way, especially in the realization of complex, large-scale projects, advantages in terms of costs and efficiency can be achieved and risks detected before they can escalate into problems. In the five-dimensional future, the building is first constructed virtually, and then in reality. Our software accompanies this process. Every step of the way.

With Open BIM we capture the entire life cycle of a building

One main subject in today’s building design process is so-called building information modeling (BIM). BIM represents an integrated process for designing, building and managing buildings. OpenBIM by Nemetschek takes this concept a step further by providing the desired capability of making open data and communication interfaces available for other providers and solutions.

Using OpenBIM, intelligent software and networked data, we capture a building across its entire life cycle: From the very first architect’s sketch and the corresponding calculations of the engineers, from the tender and the awarding of the contract, and from the groundbreaking ceremony, construction and settlement all the way to successful administration and use. Our OpenBIM model enables a practically seamless transition of building-relevant information through all the stages of building creation and operation.

Strong brands with one vision

We have turned a vision into a reality with the 15 strong brands of the Nemetschek Group: We understand the process of designing, visualizing, building and managing buildings and building structure as a whole. With our solutions we pursue the common goal of achieving better results in terms of aesthetic and functional quality within cost and time constraints.


In 1963, Professor Georg Nemetschek founded his own engineering office, thus setting the cornerstone for today’s Nemetschek Group.

With visionary foresight, he recognized the revolutionary role of the computer and its future significance for the AEC industry.

His innovation lay in creating a design software for architects (CAD) and engineers (CAE) and in replacing physical drawing boards, which caused a dramatic shift in the then narrow limits for design and calculation.

Today we still meet the very highest requirements for our products and solutions with regard to performance, quality, user-friendliness and user benefits. It is and remains our ambition to create the most innovative tools and the best process and collaboration solutions. That’s why we are setting standards as is the case with OpenBIM and in the area of 5D.

The success factors, then and now, are market expertise, customer proximity, commitment, speed, ideas and innovations and, not least importantly, qualified and motivated employees.

As a globally leading provider of software solutions for the AEC and media industries, the Nemetschek Group serves approx. 2.3 million users in 142 countries with its 15 brands.