Precast Software Engineering

Residential Building Kagraner Spange, Vienna, Austria
General Contractor: STRABAG
Picture: Mischek Systembau GmbH

Software and service for the precast concrete element industry

Precast Software Engineering, with PLANBAR and TIM, the Technical Information Manager, is a leading provider of software solutions to the precast concrete element industry. The company has a broad customer base which includes construction companies with their own precast production, precast concrete element plants and engineering offices.

Highly automated precast element plants require design solutions that meet the requirements of the precast concrete element market in terms of quality, productivity, cost-efficiency and time pressure.

The market demands software that merges all running processes into a single effectively functioning unit for high-quality, industrialized precast element design.

Precast Software Engineering achieves optimum results using the combination of PLANBAR, with comprehensive functions ranging from series production to complex architectural elements, and TIM, which serves as an information tool to network projects and their structure and status.

PLANBAR and TIM are perfectly aligned tools and together they offer integrated precast element design with visualization across the entire process.

Precast Software Engineering, headquartered in Salzburg, was founded in 2005 and is a 100% part of the Nemetschek Group.

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