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We drive digital transformation in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operation industry by empowering all users in every phase of the building lifecycle with best-in-class software solutions.

Open Standards

We are an advocate for open industry standards & OPEN BIM to ensure that our customers are always able to use the best software solutions for their individual needs.

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Customer Focused

Our unique structure gives our brands the entrepreneurial freedom to develop innovative, customer-focused solutions, with the added benefit of cross-collaboration and knowledge-sharing for best-in-class tools.

Latest Topics and Insights
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The Built World is Shaping Our Society

Buildings are more than the – more or less – planned arrangement of materials. They reflect our relationships to each other and show who we are and ho...

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Building a Lifecycle Intelligence with a Data-Driven Approach

Especially for large and complex projects a model-driven Building Information Modeling approach is far from being efficient. What if we instead focus ...

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Augmented Reality – How new technologies are finding their way into our everyday lives

The computer-based merge of the virtual and real world is called augmented reality. This technology is also popular in marketing to make products tang...

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Global supply chains – local challenges

Approaches to solving the shortage of materials in the construction industry

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