Our strategy is sustainable and based on growth

Approx. 54% of Nemetschek SE is owned by the Nemetschek family to date. This shareholder structure directly offers several advantages: planning, development and acquisitions are undertaken with foresight and persistence. We view our emloyees as an innovation driver and our most important asset. At the same time, we pay attention to a high level of profitability, solid balance sheet ratios and organic growth. Sustainability is when we improve every single day.

Our growth factors

The major growth drivers are internationalization, innovations and new strategic areas of growth that arise as a result of technological trends.
The objective of the growth strategy is to grow organically at an above-average speed for this market and to accelerate this growth by means of acquisitions. The focus of our acquisition planning is on growth that spans the life cycle in the AEC market, on extension of the solution portfolio and on internationalization.


As an European market leader, over the past years, we have continuously strengthened and expanded our market position in existing markets and, at the same time, advanced our position in North America and Asia. This makes it possible to recognize additional regional growth opportunities on the one hand and leads to improved risk distribution on the other. The global distribution network, consisting of the company’s own sales, sales partners and distributors, ensures our proximity to the customer in all markets. The ongoing expansion of our worldwide service and sales activities is a major priority and an important growth driver for the years to come.


Nemetschek’s success is based on innovations. Our brand companies pursue this philosophy. With their solutions, they are setting new benchmarks in the AEC and multimedia markets and establishing standards. This is also to be in ensured in the future: about one quarter of all revenue generated is therefore regularly devoted to research and development and thus in new and further development of our solution portfolio. We develop our solutions together with our customers.

Technological Trends

The Nemetschek Group addresses technological trends such as BIM, 5D, digitalization, cloud, mobile solutions and collaboration with forward-thinking solutions. It has always been our priority to provide our customers with the best possible tools to meet the challenges in the building process. We are the pioneer and brand owner of Open BIM and the first provider ever to address all 5 dimensions in the building process under one roof. In doing so, as a BIM 5D provider, we offer an innovative and comprehensive solution portfolio for the integrated planning of 3D models, time and costs, which is unique in the AEC market, and we enter a new age in the construction sector.

We are the digital backbone of the AEC industry and leading provider of BIM 5D

As a result of above-average investment in research and development, in addition to strategically intelligent acquisitions, global partnerships and sector-wide commitment, we want to defend and further expand our position at the technological pinnacle of the AEC industry.