A consistent growth strategy

The Nemetschek Group is a leading global software provider for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. The company develops software solutions that enable a sustainable and efficient process for complex building and infrastructure projects. Founded in 1963 by Prof. Georg Nemetschek, the portfolio covers the entire workflow in the buildings and infrastructure market.


Well positioned in a growing market

The AEC industry is driven by the construction necessary to keep up with rapid urbanization around the world.  Global population is expected to increase by 2.5 billion people in the next 30 years.  Most of the world will be living in megacities; and buildings will consume more than half of global energy.  To keep up, the world must build at an unprecedented pace, which is challenged by an industry that could clearly be more efficient.
Over the last 60 years, manufacturing efficiency increased 750 percent compared to only 60 percent in the AEC industry.

The AEC industry is more than 20 years behind in productivity increases which emphasizes the need of technology adoption to achieve efficiency and quality goals. The Nemetschek Group’s vision is to create great cities and buildings that increase quality of life by offering increased sustainability, safety and comfort.

A unique set-up

We have a unique organization compared to other software companies.  To best address the market, we are following a similar model to the German Mittelstand:  Numerous small and mid-sized companies that have made Germany the world center of engineering and innovation in many disciplines.  These are companies built to last through generations.  They rely on innovation and focus to create organizations completely dedicated to being world leaders in a complex discipline.  Instead of merging into huge conglomerates, these companies stay small and close to their customers which preserves their agility.  The German Mittelstand has a special business mindset: do one thing and be the best in the world at it.

The Nemetschek Group follows this same model and is organized as a strategic holding company that goes to market through sixteen strong brands.  As a group, our brands are focused on serving the needs of AEC customers to help them create a better built environment.  Each brand is a world leader in its discipline and many of the brands pioneered their discipline into the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology. Our recent success in the market comes from customers switching away from competitive solutions that do not bring this expertise and cannot meet their needs.

Targeted solutions

We provide solutions in the building sector for the disciplines architecture, structural engineering and building systems, construction management, fabrication design and model quality solutions, property and facility management as well as software for architectural visualization and high-end rendering. In the infrastructure sector we offer structural analysis and construction management tools, primarily for bridges and tunnels.

Our growth factors

The Nemetschek Group follows an international growth strategy, concentrating on four areas:

Focus on the AEC industry

The Nemetschek Group is the only global player that concentrates exclusively on the AEC industry covering the entire workflow in the construction and infrastructure market.


As one of the top players in the global AEC market the Nemetschek Group focuses on the markets which currently offer the highest potential. These include in Europe Germany, followed by Great Britain, Ireland and France. In North and South America, the US market is the largest, followed by Canada and Brazil. In the Asia/Pacific region, the order of priority is Japan, China and Australia.

Strategic initiatives

With their solutions the brand companies set new benchmarks and establish standards in the AEC industry. Around one quarter of revenues go into research and development of new solutions. A strategic focus lays on cross-market development projects and strategic initiatives addressing new customer segments and driving digitalization in the building industry.


The attractiveness of the worldwide AEC market, the decentralized structure of the Nemetschek Group and its solid balance sheet structure and high cash-generation open good acquisition opportunities to generate further growth.

Local and Global

The Nemetschek Group is represented with its 16 brands at 82 locations worldwide. The solutions are used all over the world by more than 5.0 million users in all regions of the world.