The Nemetschek Group has established itself as a pioneer and innovation driver of Open BIM and 5D (in which the dimensions of time (4D) and costs (5D) are added to digital 3D design models) and will continue to actively advance its leading role in the market and its development.

Strategic alignment focuses on further internationalization, in particular in Asia as well as North and Latin America. New regional sites, a distribution network that spans the globe and cooperations are continuously extended and expanded.

In addition to organic growth, high profitability and a stable balance sheet structure, Nemetschek continues to grow through meaningful acquisitions:

  • Acquisition of Design Data Coporation, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Design Data is a leading US provider of BIM 3D modeling software for steel structures.
  • Acquisition of Solibri, a globally leading and internationally aligned provider of software solutions for the quality assurance and quality control of Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Sale of Nemetscheks 70% interest in Glaser -isb cad- Programmsysteme GmbH, headquartered in Wennigsen, Germany, to the CEO of Glaser -isb cad-.

Conversion of Nemetschek AG into an SE.



  • Acquisition of Bluebeam Software, Inc. in 2014, a leading provider of PDF-based workflow solutions for digital work processes and collaboration in the AEC industry. This allows the Nemetschek Group to strengthen not only its solution portfolio but also its market position on the North American market.
  • Two strategic investments in young, innovative companies based in Berlin that reinforce Nemetschek’s market position in the propitious 5D market in 2014: Investment in the start-up Sablono GmbH, which offers intelligent BIM scheduling (4D) and hartmann technologies GmbH with a solution portfolio for detailed cost and quantity determinations (5D).
  • Acquisition of Norway-based Data Design System in 2013, a leading provider of CAD software for intelligent building planning.



The Nemetschek Group strengthens its positioning as a leading provider of AEC software solutions with further acquisitions:

  • Acquisition of Budapest-based Graphisoft SE, a leading provider of CAD and BIM software for architecture.
  • Acquisition of Belgium-based SCIA International BV, a provider of software solutions for engineering and steel construction.



As planned, Professor Georg Nemetschek steps down from his position as Nemetschek AGʼs CEO and is called upon to serve on the supervisory board, following a resolution passed at the AGM.

Speedware Software GmbH becomes CREM Solutions.



Nemetschek AG goes public and is listed on the Neuer Markt stock exchange in Frankfurt. Further acquisitions follow, also in the multimedia industry:

  • Majority interests in Austria-based Auer - Die Bausoftware GmbH and Henke & Partner (now called NEVARIS). Both companies are leading software providers in the Build segment.
  • Majority interest in Maxon Computer GmbH, a leading software provider for 3D modeling, painting and animation.
  • Acquisition of Diehl Graphsoft Inc. (now called Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.), a company based in Maryland, USA. The company is a leading provider of CAD and BIM software solutions in the USA and strengthens the market position in the US market.

Towards the end of the 2000, Nemetschek AG’s corporate headquarters move to a new location in the “Center for IT in Design, Construction and Management” near the new tradeshow grounds in Munich, Germany.


1998 is shaped by preparations for the IPO and by numerous acquisitions:

  • Friedrich and Lochner GmbH (calculation programs for structural design problems and structural planning), now called Frilo Software
  • Glaser -isb cad- Programmsysteme GmbH (design programs and graphic solutions for structural engineering)
  • Ainedtergruppe (software for the pre-fabricated units industry)
  • IBD GmbH for information technology, construction operations software and data processing (integrated, database-supported building software for calculation, payroll, purchasing, historic costing, operating accounting systems), now called NEVARIS
  • Speedware Software GmbH (software solutions for facility management and real estate management), now called Crem Solutions.
  • In addition, Nemetschek AG acquires a minority stake in Docunet AG (now called Docuware AG), one of the leading providers of software solutions for document management.


In line with the company's new slogan, “Responsible Innovation”, the company’s managing partners decide to transform Nemetschek Programmsystem GmbH into Nemetschek AG. Professor Georg Nemetschek heads the new company as CEO.

Nemetschek AG assumes a leadership role in EU research projects and international committees such as the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI).

Nemetschek introduces O.P.E.N. (Object-oriented Product Model Engineering Network), a database-supported platform. Today, it is known as Building Information Modeling (BIM), and provides required data in a consistent format to all those involved in the building process as an IT infrastructure for their work.


Nemetschek Programmsystem GmbH gets a new name: “Nemetschek – Information Technology & Consulting for Design, Construction & Management” that reflects the company’s focus and direction. The company’s integrated software solutions provide architects, engineers and real estate managers with all relevant data anytime, anywhere. The software creates synergies and optimizes the entire lifecycle of buildings with respect to quality, cost and time expenditure.

Meanwhile, in addition to headquarters in Munich, there are fourteen offices in Germany and eight in Europe, another development site in Bratislava, Slovakia and numerous distribution partners.



The company’s expansion requires the foundation of branches in Germany with their own consulting, sales, training and service resources, as well as the foundation of subsidiaries in Europe outside of Germany. At the same time, sales activities are expanded through system partners, trading partners and dealers.

In 1990, Nemetschek Programmsystem GmbH has 150 employees and is the leading system provider of CAD systems in the construction industry. The company’s motto is “Total Quality”.



Nemetschek Programmsystem GmbH is founded and Ingrid Nemetschek becomes Managing Director. With 27 employees, the company is responsible for all sales activities. Professor Georg Nemetschek’s engineering firm continues to be responsible for program development activities.

Internationalization kicks off in 1983: Nemetschek Programmsystem GmbH collaborates with authorized dealers and sells its products in Austria and Switzerland.

In 1984 the company markets its first version of the Allplan CAD software.


At the Hanover tradeshow, the Nemetschek engineering firm presents a software package for integrated calculation and design of standard components for solid construction. For the first time ever, this software package makes it possible to use CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) on microcomputers.

For many years, this software remains unique on the market. For Nemetschek, it is an essential step towards attaining market leadership in the use of CAD in the construction industry.


Programmable desktop computers, the precursor of the personal computer, are available for the first time at affordable prices. The Nemetschek engineering firm takes advantage of this opportunity and sells “Programmsystem Statik 97/77”, a software for design engineering.


As one of the first in the industry, Georg Nemetschek uses computers in the construction and designing of buildings. The firm develops engineering software, initially only for in-house use.


Georg Nemetschek, a certified engineer, founds the “engineering firm for the construction industry” in Munich. He specializes in structural design and receives orders for industrial construction, bridges and residential construction.



Impressions from our Corporate History

A box with a wireframe model from 1995. The boxes were used to deliver the manuals.


In observance of the company’s 30th anniversary, Professor Nemetschek honors Konrad Zuse, the inventor of the computer, with an exhibition. The exhibition highlights the development of the initial idea of a “mechanical brain” to the application possibilities of a modern CAD system and also brings to life a piece of Nemetschek’s history.


Since 1992, the new high-performance Allplan version has made it possible to visualize complex buildings in three dimensions.

“We connect worlds” says the slogan on a poster from the 1990’s. This motto still applies today: Nemetschek software builds bridges – across rivers and valleys, and between planners, engineers, contractors and designers, across offices and national boundaries.

The SUPERNOVA iX computer from 1990 with an 80486 processor and 33MHz was a very high-performance computer. The Unix operating system already ran on an Intel processor. The entire workstation, including the control tablet and digitizer and a 20-inch monitor came with an acquisition cost price tag of about 55,000 DM.

A view into Nemetschek’s archives. The manuals for Nemetschek’s software products were delivered in these folders at the end of the 1980’s and at the beginning of the 1990’s.


As early as 1988, planners could use Allplan to create 3D models and perform hidden-line image calculations. The parameters were entered according to directions provided in the manual.


Allplan Brochure from 1988 – This premium product became the name for the company’s subsidiary Nemetschek Allplan GmbH.


A fully equipped workstation for architects and engineers from 1987, including computer, printer and plotter. The SUPERNOVA 32 was a personal computer with a removable Fairchild-Clipper card for the Unix operating system.

The multi-pen high-performance plotter Calcomp 1043 already drew plans with eight pens and therefore in eight colors. Acquisition costs were about 50,000 DM.

In this rendition of Nemetschek’s logo from a brochure in 1987, Nemetschek offers a hand to its customers: “We support you as a strong partner today and in the future”. This motto still applies today.

“Card S 3.2 – in a working computer”: Instruction’s for Nemetschek’s first software product, Programmsystem Statik 97_77, provides an introduction into the use of magnetic cards and the calculations for which they could be used.


Nemetschek’s first software program was developed in 1977 for the first programmable desktop computer, the Hewlett Packard hp 97. Magnetic strips were used to enter programs. The calculated values were printed on paper strips and glued into the structural analysis plans.


As early as 1968, Nemetschek Engineering purchased an Olivetti programma 101. The price tag: 34,000 DM. The Olivetti programma 101 is considered the first print-capable and freely programmable workplace computer in the world. It had already been used by NASA for cartographic planning in conjunction with the first flight to the moon.


In 1963, certified engineer Georg Nemetschek attended a programming course for the “program-controlled electronic computing system ZUSE Z 23”. Construction engineer Georg Nemetschek was thrilled by this new and forward-looking computer technology. Konrad Zuse developed ZUSE Z 23 in 1959 as a digital computer based entirely on transistors.