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Multi-functional Sports Hall

“The biggest challenge was to keep this large structural model created in SCIA Engineer up to date and working properly according to the architectural model which was modelled in Autodesk Revit.”

Multi-functional Sports Hall


Jihlava, Czech Republic

Nemetschek Group Brands



Artstat s.r.o

Multi-functional Sports Hall

Introducing a newly constructed multi-functional sports hall, a hockey stadium accommodating 5,600 - 8,000 spectators. With 7 floors (1 underground, 6 above) and dimensions of 82.5 m x 100.6 m (H: 29.1 m), it combines reinforced concrete (monolithic, prefabricated) and steel elements. The foundation comprises pile-supported base slab and waterproof concrete basement. Challenges included complex shape, spatial constraints, tight deadlines, and cost efficiency. Notably, the steel roof with 95.0 m x 63.0 m spans and suspended VIP boxes were emphasized. 
SCIA Engineer accurately modeled intricate slabs, walls, and beams, aiding weight estimations and economical solutions. Integration of reports from 10+ models yielded a comprehensive report, while seamless data transfer to IDEA StatiCa ensured efficient connection design, saving time and preserving loading and geometry information.