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Allianz Stadium Vienna (Austria)

Score: Rapid’s new precast stadium. All grandstand elements, stairs and external columns were produced in a highly efficient and precise manner using precast concrete construction.

Allianz Stadium Vienna (Austria)


Vienna, Austria

Nemetschek Group Brands



Only 8 months for the precast planning and production
28,600 seats and standing places
300 special transports

Viennese football fans like their prefabricated arena

In mid-2016, the well known football club SK Rapid Wien moved to its new home, the Allianz Stadium. The company Oberndorfer Betonwerke, one of Austria's leading precast construction companies and a long-time user of PLANBAR - ALLPLAN’s precast design and detailing software - was significantly involved in the construction of the homestead of the traditional Viennese association. They were responsible for the technical planning, production and assembly of the 880 grandstand elements, the 150 precast staircases and the up to 18 metre high external supports with a total weight of over 40 tons.

The stand elements, which were produced in double L elements for the new Rapid Stadium, are a 100% in-house development of the Oberndorfer company. With planning and preparation, as well as a concrete research and test phase including the construction of prototypes, production took just under eight months. In addition to stand elements, prefabricated staircases and the associated special parts, concrete double-wall elements, hollow core slabs and filigree ceiling slabs, as well as external and internal columns and concrete stand girders were delivered to Hütteldorf, Vienna, for the new Allianz Stadium.